Insect Defense Shield


Natural Fly Repellent for Horses. 

Keep those pesky flies away naturally, without pesticides or insecticides. Say no to breathing toxic ingredients while grooming, tacking up, or riding. Perfect for riders of all ages, this natural fly repellent is made with geraniol and citronella, an insecticide free blend that is good for the horse, great for humans, and safe for the environment. Bad for flies, though!

20 fl. oz. (600mL)


Active Ingredients: Geraniol 2% Ingredients: Filtered Water, Rosemary Oil, Optiphen, Polysuga MuseD9, Clove Oil Cedarwood Oil, Citronella Oil, Geranium Oil, Peppermint Oil, L-Arginine.

How To Use

Shake Well before each use. Pump Sprayer once for single use in targeted areas. Pump several times for continuous mist to cover areas evenly. For the best results hold the spray bottle 10 to 12 inches away from the animal. Apply to coat, legs, and neck. Do not spray directly on the face, apply using a cloth. Do not spray eyes or genitals. Repeat as needed.


Keep out of reach of children. Store away from sunlight in a dry place. Store only in original container. Do not freeze. May cause moderate eye irritation, avoid contact with eyes. Do not spray on open wounds. Prolonged use of frequent use may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If signs of sensitization occur, discontinue use and thoroughly wash animal. If adverse effects continue, contact a veterinarian immediately.